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WFHST Established 2013

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Here at West Forsyth, just like all other Hunter Safety Teams in North Carolina, we focus on safety.  Safe handling of firearms, weapons and ammunition is the paramount requirement of a team member.  Secondly we focus on wildlife conservation and preservation.  We learn many things from wildlife identification and wilderness skills to land navigataion.


North Carolina is divided into 9 districts that participate in the Hunter Safety Education Skills Tournaments each year.  This amounts to more than 4,000 kids from middle school through high school that participate in the program.

The West Forsyth Hunter Safety Team was formed in 2013 and since then has sent teams to the state competition the last three years.

What it takes to Succeed!

Skill !

Skill Areas of Competition


Wildlife Skills

  • This area of competence includes two parts. A knowledge test, administered via a written exam consisting of 25 to 50 questions. 
  • The second part of this skill group is a compass course in which the teams are judged as to how close to a set point they can get.


Here members display skill through shooting 5 arrows at a 5-spot target from 4 different distances away from the target...10, 15, 20 and 25 yards.

Small Bore Rifle

Here team members fire a .22 caliber rifle, shooting 5 bullets each for 4 different positions...Prone, Kneeline, Sitting and Standing

Modified Trap

Team members who participate in this event shoot modified skeet - 4 Clays each from 5 different positions around the launcher.

Let’s meet the dedicated parents
that make up our Booster Club Board

These parents donate a lot of their time, energy, amd ideas to help keep this team performing at it's peak.

Robin Buchanan

Robin Buchanan


Kathleen Timbinaris

Kathleen Timbinaris


Courtney Fall Tomchik

Courtney Fall Tomchik


Beth Johnson

Beth Johnson


Katherine Meadows Harper

Katherine Meadows Harper

Member At Large

Eric Brown

Eric Brown


Not really a Board Member, but figured if you needed to make a change to this site, etc. you would want to know whom to contact...